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The data found on these pages is a private collection of frequency scans at various locations around Finland. The zipped file formats are .sdb2 and .fxl to maximise compatibility with Shure Wireless Workbench (WWB). Individual raw data .csv files are also available. Unless notified otherwise the scans cover the range of 470-870 MHz and are compiled of 8 MHz partials scanned with an Aim-TTi PSA1302 using a reference level of -20 dBm and 15 kHz RBW bandwidth. Each 8 MHz partial is an average of 16 individual scans.

Please note that these scans only represent the RF environment at a certain location at a given time. Also the unusable ranges are defined plainly according to Ficora's database. These files should only be used for preliminary off-site design. To achieve clean and stable operation the actual RF environment at the venue should always be scanned on site and be compared to this data. For optimised scanning and performance with WWB Shure recommends using an AXT600 Spectrum Manager but any scanner with a .csv export feature is usable. Please note that even though the scans cover a wider spectrum, only the frequencies between 470-694 MHz are legal in Finland in the UHF range. Ficora's web pages contain more information about wireless traffic in Finland and about legal frequencies.

The .sdb2 and .fxl files available on this site are published with a permission from Shure Incorporated.

I will add files whenever new data is available. Feel free to use these in your RF design. Comments and improvement suggestions are welcome. If you'd like to submit your scans to be published, don't hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Klas (+358447822204)

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